Rules of Thumb When Attending a Live Performance

The Southwest Florida Symphony always has frequently been asked questions about what to expect when attending a live concert — what to wear, bringing children, parking. The following are the most FAQs with some helpful tips to make your concert experience more enjoyable for you and those around you.

Picture this unhappy scenario: You have purchased your tickets in advance to get the best available seats, dressed in your best for this special occasion, and have been happily reading the concert program from your seat 15 minutes before the performance begins. Then, ten minutes into the program, a family of four climbs over you; a cell phone rings in the distance; an audience member begins an incessant coughing fit; and the person in front of you whispers to her companion while unwrapping a piece of candy.

While all of these distractions happening together is unlikely, any one of these occurrences can distract one’s enjoyment of a live performance. Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your concert going experience, with hopes that the above scenario never becomes part of your experience.