Community Outreach

Community Outreach


THE BEST MUSICAL DEAL AROUND! For a ONE-TIME fee of $15 students in grades K-12 can enjoy concerts and learn about music throughout their school years at great savings. Discovery Club members can purchase as many as 3 tickets per concert weekend for only $5 each. Click Discovery Club for sign up information.

These tickets are subject to availability and can only be purchased during the two weeks immediately preceding the concert. Tickets must be purchased through the Symphony Box Office. They are not available online. Call (239) 418-1500 for tickets.


RUSH tickets are available for college, university and high school students. Tickets may be purchased for $5 one hour prior to the performance at the concert venue box office.   Students may purchase two tickets per concert with a valid ID. Tickets must be purchased at the concert venue. Advance tickets are not available through the Box Office.


The Symphony offers complimentary concert tickets to children, families, individuals or groups through the Music for Life Program.  Agencies who are interested in receiving tickets should contact the Symphony Box Office. Just give us a call (239) 418-1500.


Meet the instruments of the orchestra up close and personal. The Sound Lab is a traveling interactive display of instruments that provides hands on experience for young students or adults. The program offers an introduction to instrument families and the role in the orchestra.


There is a pre-concert lecture an hour prior to each Masterworks concert from 6:30-7 PM.  Our Maestro and sometimes the guest artist will enlighten you on the evening’s program.
Program Notes: Each Masterworks program has detailed information on each piece played. These “notes” are in the concert program as well as here on the website. Just click “Concert Program Notes” to the above left.