For Educators

For Educators

For  more information or to schedule an Ensembles in the Schools Education Program, please contact the Symphony office (239) 418-0996.

Ensembles in the Schools

Two in-school educational ensemble programs are available. The 45-minute programs are tied to the fifth grade music curriculum.

The String Quartet program introduces students to the string family, the various musical periods and characteristics of each period (Baroque, Classical, etc.) and introduces concepts such as syncopation, tempo and dissonance. The program is called “Dance Music Through the Centuries” and includes works by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Joplin, Gershwin and others.

The Brass Quintet program provides an overview of the historical development of the brass instruments and how the brass instruments were used from the earliest of times to the present. The program includes selections by Rossini, Sousa, Gabrieli, and Joplin.

The symphony education coordinator will work with the music teachers and school administrators to schedule the programs in the schools.

A pre-test and educational materials will be sent to each school prior to the ensemble’s visit. The visit will consist of a 20-minute introduction to the instruments with a question & answer segment. This will be followed by the 45-minute ensemble program for the entire group of fifth grade students. A post-test and evaluation survey will be sent to each participating school following the program.